Spring 2003: TAFETA Smart Systems for Health (formerly known as Technology Assisted Friendly Environment for the Third Age) was co-founded by Dr. Frank Knoefel, the former Chief of Staff of the SCO Health Service (now Bruyère Continuing Care) and Ms. Barbara Schulman, former Vice-President, Planning and Partnerships of the SCO Health Service. Leveraging $80,000 in funding granted by The Change Foundation, Dr. Knoefel and Ms. Schulman brought together several public and private partners to conduct the program’s initial research studies.

June 2003: Research into remote monitoring of blood pressure using innovative telehealth technology was completed at Résidence Sacré-Coeur of the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa.

April 2004: The pilot TAFETA Smart Apartment was opened at the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital. The Smart Apartment was established as the program’s test site for the integration and testing of selected smart e-health technologies.

April 2005: Dr. Rafik Goubran, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University, joined TAFETA as co-chair to bring expertise from the Carleton University engineering program to the research initiative.

Since 2005, more than 12 multi-disciplinary projects have been launched, and more than $1 million in peer-reviewed funding has been granted to investigators involved in TAFETA. Currently, more than 25 graduate students are involved in TAFETA research projects, and increasingly complex studies continue to be initiated.