TAFETA Smart Systems for Health, co-led by Carleton University and the Bruyère Research Institute, develops smart technologies to help older adults age at home.

Tafeta.ca is an information portal for our TAFETA project team members, partners, supporters, and those interested in smart technology research. The site also aims to exchange knowledge and promote the application of smart technologies to contribute to the independent living of older adults.

More than 12 multi-disciplinary research projects have been underway since 2005, involving collaboration with patients, clinicians, medical and engineering students, as well as government and community agencies. Visit our Research Projects page for more information on our current and completed research projects.

TAFETA is co-led by Dr. Frank Knoefel, Physician with the Bruyère Memory Program, and Dr. Rafik Goubran, Vice-President of Research and International at Carleton University .